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We integrate the Yjs collaborative editing feature with diagramming and graph applications.

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Discover collaborative editing features powered by Yjs

See how you can improve your visual app’s user experience with powerful Yjs real-time collaborative editing features. 

Multiple sessions

You can open several sessions within the server and use different boards simultaneously.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with others on the same diagram simultaneously and build multi-user flows and editors.

Users search

Search for other active users with a feature that moves the camera view to the cursor of the user you are looking for.

Visual state synchronization

The application shows the changes made and the movement of the cursor on the board in real time.

Undo Manager

Delete or reverse multiple actions without impact on other active users’ actions.

Reservation system

When you select an object on the board, other users are blocked from editing it during that time.

Use cases built with Yjs

Collaborative editing feature for faster code review

Yjs visual collaborative apps for code review

Collaborative editing feature for faster code review

Our client came to us for help with developing and implementing a collaborative editor. The feature was to reinforce the client’s diagramming application by letting multiple users perform code reviews simultaneously.   

  • Yjs collaborative editing feature’s integration with GoJS visual library and React framework.  
  • Object locking mechanism that prevents other users from changing the properties of the object currently being edited 
  • Undo manager enabling multiple deletion or reversion of changes made by a specific user.

Real-time collaboration and extra features to boost user experience

Real-time collaboration and extra features to boost user experience

Our team’s task was to implement a Yjs collaborative feature into a diagramming app. In addition, our product designers refreshed the app’s user interface and added new features.

  • Objects management allows selecting various objects on a board and grouping them.  
  • Context menu attached to each object on the diagram accelerates your team’s work.  
  • Undo manager working in collaborative environment and enabling multiple changes’ deletion or reversion made by a specific user (without an impact on other active users’ actions). 

New GUI and collaborative editor for VSM Software

New GUI and collaborative editor for VSM Software

The client asked for help in solving a clear problem. The setup process of his tool was not intuitive. Users didn’t visit his software very often after an initial setup. When they had to make changes, they were discouraged by the complexity and usually put a support ticket, went back to training or abandoned the tool. 

  • Collaborative editor that allow users to collaborate live on the tool.
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory GUI that retain the level of details and flexibility, but let users to solve their problems easily.
  • New features and improved old ones (drag&drop, zoom in/out and others) to boost overall user experience. 
Łukasz Jaźwa


I’m Lucas – VP of Engineering at Synergy Codes. As one of the most experienced experts we’ve got onboard, I’m here to advise you on maximizing the benefits you can get from integrating Yjs with your software. 

Synergy Codes experts are unparalleled in creating visual collaborative apps, making them the top choice in the market. Their knowledge, professionalism, and how they leverage the Yjs library left me really impressed.

Kevin Jahns Creator of Yjs

Professional Yjs services

We add the Yjs collaboration editor to diagrams, graphs, and other data visualization applications for BI and analytics SaaS companies.  

User-centered design

Lower your app’s entry threshold with our UX solutions and implement intuitive UI.

Graph Visualization that Maximizes Rendering Speed

Short time-to-market

Elevate your diagramming software with a collaborative editing feature ready for implementation.

Dedicated project team

The project team handles the entire solution creation process – from the design phase to full front-end development.

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Team up with Yjs developers

Power up your visual application with collaborative editing feature powered by Yjs. Team up with Synergy Codes’ specialists experienced in integrating Yjs collaborative editor with diagramming applications built on various technical environments.  

  • Shorten your application’s time-to-market by integrating it with a ready-to-use collaborative feature.  
  • Boost your app’s usability thanks to user-centered design.  
  • Cooperate seamlessly with the dedicated project team. 
Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO

You’re in good hands! As a European technological business partner with the 5-star Clutch review, Synergy Codes designs, builds, and develops custom and interactive low-code tools to visualize data and processes. It all resulted in delivering the exact outcome with the clear code implemented.

Maciej Teska Synergy Codes CEO