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Samples of Our JavaScript Diagrams Projects 

Flick through our projects and explore how diagrams reinforce various businesses.

Process Flow JavaScript Diagram for effortless building business processesJavascript Diagram for Production Process Automation ToolJavascript Diagram for Automotive Product ConfiguratorJavascript Diagram used in Real-Time IoT Solution for ManufacturingJavascript Diagram for Process and Data Mining ToolJavascript Diagram for System Infrastructure Design Tool
Process Flow JavaScript Diagram for effortless building business processes
Process Flow Diagram

Build business processes and information flow with an interactive dashboard. Capture the details of tasks and interactions with processes

Javascript Diagram for Production Process Automation Tool
Production Process Automation Tool

Achieve faster and more effective operations by reducing incorrections during the production process.

Javascript Diagram for Automotive Product Configurator
Automotive Product Configurator

Build automotive products with an intuitive product configurator. Enhance workflows and support decision-making processes.

Javascript Diagram used in Real-Time IoT Solution for Manufacturing
Real-Time IoT Solution for Manufacturing

Get real data from IoT sensors and use them to improve the construction of your production line

Javascript Diagram for Process and Data Mining Tool
Process and Data Mining Tool

Use interactive visual components to accelerate and simplify data analysis. Get maximum value from data in the shortest possible time

Javascript Diagram for System Infrastructure Design Tool
System Infrastructure Design Tool

Scale up the enterprise software development life cycle. Present the network’s structure and all actions taken to protect it

„I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu, Head of Products, Druid AI

“It’s been a pleasure for us to deal with Synergy Codes […]. They always try to improve the process of delivery and development, as well as the quality of the code/product developed.”

Vincent Lapointe, Product Manager, OPAL-RT Technologies

„They’re able to deliver our ideas creatively and efficiently with very few issues and defects.”

John Kears, Co-owner, NextWare Group

Our Expertise

Customers around the globe depend on Synergy Codes for our expertise. See how we can help you. 

  • graph theory
  • presenting large datasets
  • graph databases
  • advanced algorithms
  • modern ux
  • machine learning
  • automatic graph layouts
  • advanced animations
  • AI
Spice up Your Products with Custom Graph Visualization

Start Creating Unbeatable JavaScript Diagrams

Develop your diagrams with exceptional UI and UX that simplify getting vital insights from data.

Reusable Components that Simplify and Shorten JavaScript Diagram’s Creation

Take advantage of pre-made components that are ready to boost your diagrams’ efficiency or let us create tailored features to help you deliver even more useful visualizations 

Collaborative Diagrams

Collaborate with your colleagues on the same canvas in real time. Speed up your projects’ progress and improve teamwork

Customizable Diagram Objects

Customize objects, shapes, connectors, labels, and other elements of diagrams. Change the user interface to work on your projects smoothly

Automatic Layouts

Make your diagrams easier to read. Clean up nodes, change their location on the canvas and select the most accurate composition

Comprehensive Dashboards

Get a helicopter view on all of your data. Analyze and track metrics in one place and immediately spot issues

Export to PDF

Print and transform your digital diagrams into paper documentation within just 3 clicks of the mouse

Import MS Visio

Save your work. Import your Visio (.vsdx) documents and merge them with our diagrams’ functionalities

Technology Basis for JavaScript Diagrams

We merge design with the back end. Boost your projects with efficient performance, achieve integration with popular frameworks, and check your code for accuracy  

Add 100 000+ Nodes on a Single Canvas

Render and display data with lightning speed. Accelerate operations on diagrams and scale them up with no impact for performance

Integrate Projects with Modern Technologies

Merge your projects with different front-end frameworks, such as Angular, React and Vue.js or top platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, Splunk, ServiceNow and more

Get Better Code

Be sure that your code works properly. And if it doesn’t, let us propose and implement improvements without delay

Good Design Changes Modern Business

See how our specialists helped improve the user experience for our client’s platform 


AI-powered Conversational Platform

Javascript Diagram for AI-powered Conversational Platform

to make conversational software simple and accessible

How simplify conversational software with javascript diagram?

high entry treshold for non-technical users to design, develop and deploy chatbots

JavaScript diagram solved problem with high entry treshold to design chatbot
  • an intuitive, brand new graphical user interface for the platform 
  • interactive diagrams (bot diagram, flow diagram, entity diagram) that visualize the operations of the conversational platform 
  • merging framework technologies (GoJS, DagreJS, Lodash FP) to enhance outcomes 
Interactive javascript diagram's implementation
  • reduction in company customer service workload 
  • switch complex data tables into easy-to-read diagrams 
  • performance growth originated in 300+ nodes 
Javascript diagram helped in switching complex data into readable visualization

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