Our project approach

We’re Agile

The tried and true practices don’t rule out a flexible approach towards projects. On the contrary, the Agile method provides flexibility and prioritizing. We refine, plan, and run retro meetings to revise the project flow and agree to work progress.

Team of PROS

You’re in good hands. Once your project is on, our model team including TL, Dev’s, BA/QA, PM, and UI/UX will do the job. Having in-house tools already? No worries, we can synchronize with them, no matter the time zone. It’s also doable to merge your team with ours to execute great results.

Cooperation models

It’s up to you in terms of cooperation and payoff. Choose from Body Leasing or Bespoke Product Team to get a balanced collaboration. Whether it’s Time&Material or Fixed Price, we’ll work out the best payoff model that fits your needs and budget.

Rey on PRO project management

Partner up!

From an idea to creation – we support each step to success. With our multi-skill team, detail-oriented designs and cutting-edge technologies applied, we accompany your vision. Introduce your plan and let’s make it real together.