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Graph Database Visualization for Improving Data Readability


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Graph Visualization that Maximizes Rendering Speed

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Upload on a workspace up to thousands of nodes without impact on graph’s high-performance results

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Hierarchical Layout that Prevents Overlaps

Hierarchical Layout

Hierarchical Layout that Prevents Overlaps

The hierarchical layout arranges nodes hierarchically and keeps edges in the same overall orientation (top-to-bottom, left-to-right, or in other directions). It reduces the number of link crossings and prevents overlaps, ensuring readability of the graph. 

Inheritance Graph that Shows Objects Identities, Links and Cardinality

Visualizing Graph Data - Inheritance Graph

Inheritance Graph that Shows Objects Identities, Links and Cardinality

The graph visually represents the data organization and relationships. Each parent node can lead to many other nodes and vice versa. You can select a layout to change the composition of nodes and boost readability. 

Dependency Graph that Presents Complex Flow in a Clear Way

Depenedency Graph Visualization for Data Lineage

Dependency Graph that Presents Complex Flow in a Clear Way

Here’s a visual presentation of data categorized into datasets and presented visually in swimlanes. Each node comes with a collapsable property section that provides a glimpse into datasets subcategories and details. 

Circular Layout that Connects Individual Nodes

Visualizing Graph Data in Circular Layout makes connections between objects more clear and readable

Circular Layout that Connects Individual Nodes

This graph type uses clearly separated nodes and edges to add clarity to the connections between individual nodes. Data is placed around the circle and edges represent relationships between points. You can use different colors to group nodes and change edge thickness to depict data accumulation. 

Disk Layout that Groups Datasets

Graph Visualization in a form of disc layout anbles visual grouping graph's objects

Disk Layout that Groups Datasets

Disk layout allows users to categorize large datasets into several groups. It helps keep the workspace clear and simplifies searching for categories of particular nodes. Nodes can be stored in order within each of them.

Arc Graph that Represents Co-occurrences Within Data

Present co-occurrences betweeen graph's objects with arc graph visualization

Arc Graph that Represents Co-occurrences Within Data

The arc graph connects nodes placed along a single line, highlighting clusters and bridges. Wider links demonstrate stronger connections between nodes. Thanks to its structure, users can add and display labels for each node while keeping full readability. 

Knowledge Graph that Spots Entities’ Relationships

Knowledge Graph helps connect data with meaning in from of beautiful graph visualization

Knowledge Graph that Spots Entities’ Relationships

This indefinitely expanded visualization is built with GoJS and uses GraphQL to download data from the server. To improve performance, It uses virtualization activated with several thousand nodes, as there is no need to render objects not currently visible on the screen. 

„I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu, Head of Products, DRUID AI

Reusable and Custom Features for Visualizing Graph Data

Use the power of our reusable components to make your graphs stunning. Or let us create tailored features that help you deliver even more helpful visualizations.  

Automatic Layouts

Clean up the layout of content on your graphs. Make them easier to read by changing the composition of objects.


Get total control of enormous datasets on the screen. Mask selected data objects and exposes the ones you want to focus on.

Graph Animation

Animate your graphs to illustrate progression and see how data changes over time.

Data Binding

Change an element in a data set that will automatically change in other, bound data sets. Synchronize as many sources as you need.


Group objects into several clusters to categorized the data displayed on screen, keeping it clean and easy to analyse.

Customizable Objects

Configure the user interface with objects, shapes, connectors, labels and other elements to match them with your tastes.

Edge Routing

Let the algorithm suggests new paths for edges within a workspace. Remove needless crossings and bends.


Import and export your files with graphs between frameworks and be confident that it will work flawlessly and display well.

Collaborative Graphing

Use one workspace with multiple project members at the same time for quicker delivery and better teamwork.

Large Datasets Support

Work on large datasets on a single screen while enjoying fast rendering.


Don’t worry about mistakes that you can easily fix with undo and redo functionality. Reverse as many actions as neccessary.


Select objects or sections from the palette, move them to the desired location, and “drop” them there.

Spice up Your Products with Custom Graph Visualization

Spice up Your Products with Custom Graph Visualization 

Team up with seasoned developers that help you improve your product with easy-to-read and efficient graphs. 

Technology Integrations 

Implement front-end libraries, frameworks and other modern technologies into your tool that ensure security and updates. 









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