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Application for Recommending The Best Resources for a Project Team

Graph database services - recommendation app for project teams

Application for Recommending The Best Resources for a Project Team

Our team created an application that supports project managers in choosing the right specialists with accurate tech skills for specific projects. It also enables checking staff’s capacity, project history and their personal growth. 

  • Automatically updated and integrated graph database. 
  • Data model connecting semantically information about the company’s staff. 
  • Exceptional user interface and graph visualizations. 

Leave Management Application for HR Department

Graph database services - Leave Management Application

Leave Management Application for HR Department

Our team created an application for managing days off to replace an excell tables with easy to read dashboards equipped with an intuitive user interface. It supports HR departments and team leaders with managing absences at work and helps employees to calculate their available days of leave.  

  • Autonomous graph database with employee data. 
  • Intuitive dashboards with a request form that simplify requesting a day off. 
  • Integration with Microsoft Office. 

Create an Efficient Graph Database with Seasoned Front-End Experts 

Get your projects to the market faster with data visualization specialist from Synergy Codes. Hire single developers for your project or an entire full-stack development team. 

[…]Their analysts have added value to our project by not only understanding our needs but by proposing better ideas […]. They always try to improve the process of delivery and development, as well as the quality of the code.

Vincent Lapointe Product Manager, OPAL-RT Technologies

“They have great technical knowledge and are very easy to work with.”

Guillaume Bodet CEO, Zeenea

“Synergy Codes is at the top of the charts regarding timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and budget compliance.”

Robert Scott CTO & Co-Founder, EON Collective

Explore Our Graph Database Services 

Look at our services and take advantage of back-end and front-end expertise. Reinforce graph database with outstanding front-end visualizations. 

Setting up and configuring graph database

Set up a fresh database and tweak its settings to fit your app’s unique needs. This involves setting up user authentication, authorizations, and security measures, as well as making sure it blends well with other tech tools in your stack. The end game? A robust graph database that can adeptly manage even the most intricate data relationships.

Creating tailored data models

Organize and store your data in a graph database with our solution. Our expert team will assist you in identifying entities and relationships, defining their properties and attributes, and establishing rules and constraints to maintain data integrity and accuracy while avoiding data mess-ups.

Developing custom plugins and integrations

Create custom software parts that work with the database. They can do various tasks, such as making personalized data visualizations or designing special algorithms or functions that run within the database.

Autonomous databases integration

Let us help you unify your data sources effortlessly. Our team will integrate autonomous sources into one database, enabling automatic, real-time updates. This approach eradicates the likelihood of data inconsistencies and errors, which often occur during manual updates or when transferring data across various systems.

Graph database visualization

Make your graph database easy to understand with visual representation. Organize data and relationships clearly with a knowledge graph, connecting nodes and edges to represent complexity.

Data science with graph databases

Boost your graph database with data science. We will assist you in implementing machine learning algorithms to enable prediction of connections and attributes. While a graph alone reveals patterns and simplifies data analysis visually, adding machine learning algorithms enhances the precision of analysis and accelerates insights.

Team Up with Graph Database Experts 

Located in the CET time zone, we cooperate with businesses of all sizes, from startups to leading global enterprises, representing industries such as: automotive, gas&oil, Big Data and finance, to name a few. 


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Get to Know Our Skills  

Customers across the globe depend on Synergy Codes for our expertise. Rely on data visualization specialists proficient in such fields as: 

  • Graph theory
  • Efficient UX
  • Graph databases
  • Machine learning
  • Modern UI
  • AI
  • Automatic graph layouts
  • Presenting large datasets
  • Advanced algorithms

“I appreciate both the code and the product design advisory I received from Synergy Codes”

Daniel Balaceanu Head of Products, DRUID AI

“They’re able to deliver our ideas creatively and efficiently with very few issues and defects”

John Kears Co-Owner, NextWare Group

Develop Graph Database for Your Software

Shorten your software’s time to market by working with world-leading graph database developers and design consultants.

Take advantage of: 

  • a top-notch expertise in front-end visualizations that make graph databases useful by enabling a clear view of data; 
  • seasoned graph experts that help you build a graph database from scratch with custom plugins and integrations; 
  • machine learning algorithms that will help you connect your data with meaning and gain the most valuable insights.