What is Mind Map?

A mind map is a graphical way to represent loose ideas and concepts popping up in real-time, e.g., during brainstorming. It is considered a visual thinking tool that helps to grasp the ideas that came up without worrying about order and structure, to analyze, comprehend, and synthesize them later.

The mind map is often presented as the opposite of traditional writing down ideas in linear notes. It is believed – as it activates both analytical and artistic skills – that it engages the brain more richly, which is beneficial for creativity.

How does the Mind map look? It can take any shape and format, as the main idea is freeing the brain’s workflow in the name of generating fresh concepts. However, all Mind maps share some common elements. They typically convert plain texts to a diverse set of words, symbols, numbers, and the interrelationships marked with lines, and their importance is marked with colors and underscores.