What is Line Graph?

A line graph (line plot or line chart) — is a graph that depicts quantitative values over a specified interval. It is used to show how they change and relate to each other over time.

Line graphs are the best choice when tracking changes over short and long periods of time and also to compare changes over the same period of time for more than one group. For tracking minor changes, they work better than bar graphs. 

Line graphs are the best way mainly for describing trends, as it allows for:

  • Comparing lots of data all at once
  • Including important context 
  • Displaying forecast data with all the uncertainties involved
  • Emphasizing possible anomalies

Line graphs are the main tool used by investors and financial analytics in technical analysis.

Line graphs benefits

Line graphs help show data variables and trends very clearly and – as such – are a highly appreciated tool in making predictions about the results of data not yet recorded.